Monday’s Moment

A single moment captured in a photograph. Candid and fleeting, this will always be a special moment in timeā€¦

What a joy it is to have siblings! Always someone to play with, to hug, to snuggle and to protect…an ally with whom you whisper secrets, share funny faces, laughs and a plethora of inside jokes and codes that only your brother or sister could crack.

As our two eldest children, Alina and Finnlagh (or 6 and 4, as we like to call them), do nearly everything together. On warm, bright mornings such as these, being 6 and 4 can work very well to their advantage. There is visiting the many birds and turtles on the lake, picking up special breakfast at the market with Papa (while Mama stays back to care for baby Reed) and impromptu stops such as this one– time to hold each other close, to beam and to radiate with affection for one another as only siblings can.