It’s a little boy’s world…


When attention and affection has to be divided between three children, it is a real pleasure for us to do something special together one-on-one. Finnlagh chose to do a photo shoot with me presenting some of his favourite toys. He wanted to share his Skylanders — and if you are a fan of video games these days, you’ll know exactly who they are. Skylander Giants is particularly fun for an imaginative little boy like Finn, because you get to dictate the game by the characters you use. To have a character enter the game, you place them on the ‘portal of power’; to take them out, you simply remove them. This actually creates quite a bit of game play and makes it even more entertaining to play with a friend. Finnlagh was extremely cooperative and really enjoyed capturing his favourite figures on film. We’re looking forward to getting him made a poster version of the collage pictured above. Nothing quite beats a four year-old’s genuine enthusiasm when completely taken by surprise. Next up, it will be Alina’s turn as we plan the shoot featuring gorgeous designs she won from Tutu du Monde.

As far as the N&N shop, just a couple of orders to finish up and then I’ll be putting it on vacation this week as we prepare for a long holiday away. We are desperately in need of getting out of the heat, and we’ll be retreating somewhere cooler to visit with loved ones and friends. I don’t know where this summer has gotten to, and August is already marching on…




May Day

HotAirMobile.1Happy May Day everyone! We were supposed to do a lovely little celebration with treat baskets and sing-songs, but baby boy has been sick all week and we’re all just feeling a bit off-kilter. I have been working on orders (yes – that means that the shop has re-opened after a mini-hiatus), and sewing decorative pieces for our new house as well as for little babes that are arriving this summer. Exciting!

Homeschooling has been chugging along at its usual tempo and Alina has been working more and more independently. This week in particular has been filled with many books (of course) as well as sewing template projects, loads of math games and even a little astronomy. I am on the lookout for a reliable, updated solar system encyclopedia – what now qualifies as a proper planet has changed so much since we were little and at times I’d rather just consult a book and re-learn along with them. How have your weeks been so far? Please feel free to leave links to your blogs/weekly pics – I’d love to see them!

ps: Just a note – the wonderful ocean blue teether and tutti necklace you see pictured are from KOUKKU, Anna Koukku’s beautiful Etsy shop. Anna makes crochet+wooden teething rings, toys and necklaces that are natural and safe for babies. They come from Finland and are offered in a variety of hues. If you order now, you will receive a free tutti necklace with your purchase. I asked Anna to surprise me and she picked purple – my favourite colour! Thank-you so much again, Koukku!