19 months **

Reed_19mos.4Reed Anders at 19 months is a high-energy, talkative, dichotomy of a boy — on the one hand, the most cooperative little guy you’ve ever met, and at others, so willful and masterful at yielding his newfound toddler independence, you just stand aside and let him do his thing. For ages, we have marvelled at Reed’s cooperation: sticking out his mini hands and toes to have his nails clipped, lying down patiently and stretching out his legs whenever he needs a change, stepping into his pant legs one at a time and helping to pull them up, eating whatever it is that you put in front of him, sharing anything and everything he is given… Then there is the strong, eagerly precocious guy who refuses strollers, high chairs, and constraints on his freedom of any kind, all the while running at top speed and shrieking and shoving aside your hands with a firm “no.”

Through it all he is bright-eyed, kind and loving (perhaps the most affectionate of all of our children), and around our neighbourhood, known as the boy with the easiest smile around. An inquisitive old soul, Reed has to be shown only once before he appropriates your knowledge or skills for his own. “That’s mine. I did that. BRAVO!” (applause applause applause)

Such is the lucky fortune of the third-born, who looks up intently and locks eyes with you, pulling you into his conversation, parroting what all the other ‘big kids’ on the block seem to do.

Those toddler days seem so far away with Alina and Finnlagh, and yet we are so glad to be discovering them anew with Reed, rolling with the moments (oftentimes cheerfully compliant, sometimes obstinately) as best we can. Come July, we will have the arrival of #4, and we’ll start the process all over again…

Rough-and-tumble Reed: we adore you.



Reed_19mosReed_19mos.1 Reed_19mos.2 Reed_19mos.3 Reed_19mos.5 Reed_19mos.6 Reed_19mos.7 Reed_19mos.8 Reed_19mos.10 Reed_19mos.11 Reed_19mos.14 Reed_19mos.15 Reed_19mos.16Reed_19mos.9


Monday’s Moment

A single moment captured in a photograph. Candid and fleeting, this will always be a special moment in time…

//Our oldest whispering sweetly to our wee littlest one…

We are having another baby, friends!

Grant and I feel well and truly blessed to be expecting our fourth child in early July, and are so very pleased to share the news with our readers. How spontaneous and glorious life can be when it ignores your flim-flam of indecision and intervenes!


*12 Months…*

Reed's 1bday ps.3

Reed's 1bday ps.1

Reed's 1bday ps.9

Reed's 1bday ps.4// Reed Anders at {ONE} year – July 8, 2013

Our birthday boy is cool-as-a-cucumber and serene as can be. He chortles with that toothy grin of his whenever he finds something amusing (which is often!) and is most certainly his own little person. As much as we already miss those teeny, tiny, muslin-swaddled newborn days, getting to discover his own unique personality with each passing day has been a glorious process for us all. He warms our hearts with those melty hazel eyes of his and those still-chunky thighs…  Reed is so full of love and wonderment, and that curiosity sure means that he gets into everything. From the cat’s water dish (a daily hourly favourite), to rescuing glass bottles from the recycling bin and snuggling with his loved ones, our littlest guy has a keen sense of his surroundings and all of the people in it. He’s a big fan of waving ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ – to family and to new acquaintances, to pretty girls in cafes…our mini man is a charmer and a scene-stealer, rolled into ONE!



P.S.: The past year has been immensely gratifying as a family of 5. We have grown even closer together, not only in our love for baby Reed, but also in experiencing growing pains and changing dynamics as we’ve stretched into a bigger family. All in all, we have found our rhythm together, and our home is a rewarding and loving place to live life and just BE.  I’m so proud and thankful for all of our darling loved ones in my life – for my husband and our children, for doting parents/grandparents and great-grandparents, kind aunts and uncles, supportive cousins and extra-thoughtful friends…we are blessed to have all of you in our lives. Thank-you for helping make Reed’s first year truly spectacular. 

Reed's 1bday ps.6

Reed's 1bday ps.21

Reed's 1bday ps.12

Reed's 1bday ps.10

Reed's 1bday ps.13

Reed's 1bday ps.5

Reed's 1bday ps.18

Reed's 1bday ps.7

Reed's 1bday ps.20

Reed's 1bday ps.11

Reed's 1bday ps.19

Reed's 1bday ps.16

11 months

ReedBelly_carriage charm2012

//Waiting for baby Reed, June 14th 2012

A year ago today, we were exactly one month away from Reed’s expected due date of July 14th. So you can imagine how incredulous I really am when I say that I simply cannot believe that it is already one year later…we are less than one month away from celebrating baby Reed’s very 1st birthday!


Reed at 11 months is just an absolute delight. His walking is very abundant and he has picked up speed. While he still does crawl at times to get him faster from place to place, he can now manage to get himself up to standing from the middle of the floor, so he no longer needs to cruise from an object to embark on walking – he just sets off. Normally he gets nearly the length of our apartment before dropping onto his bum and letting out riotous laughter. He is as attached to his mama and to nursing as ever (which can be a bit dicey at times as we are now up to 7 teeth, with 4 on the top, 3 on the bottom…), but he really likes being left on his own at times (of his choosing) to explore. He’ll see a book on the table, and then he’ll go over to pick it up, flip through it and say “Gheeee…” and give a kind of throaty, hissy sound as he chuckles to himself. Since he turned 10 months he has been pointing constantly, holding up his finger like E.T., until you too point your finger upwards and bring it to meet his. That one is probably one of my most favourite Reed-isms (and I think it might have been his big sis Alina who did the very same!) Our little comedian also loves flicking his lips and making a kind of flubbed speech sound with his pointer finger and experimenting with all kinds of noises at the dinner table, to the delight of all assembled.

During the day and early evening he loves to sit in one of our many windows and watch the birds. He waves to many of them (waving ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ is honestly the sweetest and he is so joyous when he does!) and I am convinced that he has all those blue jays and doves memorised. Dancing boy seems to love to bop his little tushie about (not-so-shocking if you know this family!) and enjoys saying the words ‘cake’ and ‘cow’. He has even taken to asking, in his gurgling voice, one finger pointed in the air: ‘What’s that?’ All of the excited clapping combined with shaking his head vigorously to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – I dare say this baby boy has us wrapped around his little finger in the very best way possible.

How we love you, Reed! You are just the dearest, sweetest little boo bear.

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10 months

Reed_10mos.5bw10 months old. We are in double-digits now. The splendid face of the baby boy who has captured my heart. He’s stolen it and run away with it you see…


Eyeglasses peeled off faces, smudged back on with warm, pudgy hands.

Squeals of delight, to say

I am very proud, I am.

Such moments. Time-telling moments, marching one, then two…

Tiny trouble-seeking fingers, dewey-eyed hazel boy,

Nothing can be kept from him, removed from view.

Hidden away or not, he will find it, knowingly discover it–

He is so familiar now with sounds and things.


Picked up, raised to our shoulders, cuddled and cradled in our arms…

A kiss.

One purposeful kiss – or many,

To adorn these shoulders that hold him in place to preside over his world,

Arms to shelter, voices to calm him.

He steals it again and again with every roguish glance and sweetest coo.














Eight Months


Eight months // Time for skipping crawling altogether and wanting to stand and cruise every moment. That little pointer finger that passes over everything with such fine and intricate detail…textures, patterns, tracing water…Shaking your head emphatically yes/no…

Hugs/kisses/sweetest snuggles/pats on the back…

Hearty belly laughs and an inquisitive mind that is always turning and thinking…the purposeful drop and clink of toys into a basket, only to dump them out once again…

There is nothing so precious in all the world, our little Reed Anders.











Six months hence


Our ever delightful littlest boy celebrated his half-birthday on January 8th. He’s a roly-poly, extremely chatty, teething kind-of-guy, who can now sit up unassisted for short periods of time. We are addicted to all the kisses and hugs he’s been giving us the past month or so (and all those squeals of ‘Mama’ too): we simply cannot get enough. Reed has mastered the art of the baby karate-chop with his arms, batting and grasping just about whatever his little fingers can grab a hold of. Somehow he manages to never skip a beat; if there is a sound, a flash of light, a change of any kind whatsoever – Reed knows! He is very comfortable in the arms of all those who love him, and he has begun to whimper whenever any of us are out of his sight for even a moment, sweet lad…He’s eating up big boy foods now – sweetie potatoes, peas, carrots, pears and oatmeal. If you want to see a truly sour expression, feed him apples!

We’re preserving these precious moments as best we can, taking photos in between spurts of homeschooling, cooking, visiting, crafting and afternoon naps. I jot down milestones and memories on scraps of paper, with the careful reminder that this all must be organised one day soon…