The Waiting Game

Waiting for baby#4.2Waiting for baby#4.3Waiting for baby#4.1We’re playing the waiting game around here, counting down the days, and feeling pretty anxious as things go… Clothes are washed, ready and put away, and there are still more details to iron out as time gradually slips away from us. We are trying to be very practical about what we need for this little one, including things that will help save space over the long term.

We know that we won’t be living in this cottage forever, and we dream about a house that will properly fit all six of us one day… goodness knows where that will be, but it is definitely on our list. Til then, there will be welcoming arms, open hearts, and abundant heaps of love and affection to shower this baby. That’s all he really needs in the end, isn’t it?






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