A List (of sorts)

20140603-195424-71664411.jpgI am…

making many miniature peanut butter/honey/banana sandwiches for ravenous children at school picnics

cooking not so much these days –more like garde-manger assembling

drinking itty portions of this chai tea paired with unsweetened almond milk, ice and a dash of cinnamon

reading Edward Rutherford’s Paris; Mark Helprin’s Freddy and Fredericka: A Novel

wanting everything to be tidy, perfect, ready and done

looking out my bedroom windows at all the gorgeous wildflowers blooming in our garden

playing Mario Kart 8 for Wii U

wasting a great deal of time agonising about the family of skunks living under our stairs (work your humane magic, Wildlife Control!)

sewing a brightly coloured yellow linen pillow for an end-of-the-year teacher’s gift

planning big changes to Niko & Nonnie and the blog (stay tuned!)

enjoying any and every opportunity I get to sit down and put my feet up, blog or read a book with an icy cold drink at the ready

waiting for Grant and me to make some decisions about significant future options

liking our late night line-up of tv shows on the Roku: The Good Wife, Orphan Black, and The Americans

loving impromptu afternoon naps, quiet time and watching the baby create earthquakes in my tummy

wondering when in the heck it’s ever going to rain again here, and if we’ll ever pull out of this drought

hoping that besides day camps, book clubs, swimming at the beach + pool, and play dates, that we can keep the children engaged and active this summer (and not hear the prohibited words “I’m bored” even once) —hopefully having a brand new baby in the house will provide most of the excitement!

needing to get my hospital bag organised and packed

smelling meyer lemon and peony candles (kept on our bedside tables)

wearing typical school-run Tuesday fare: a brown-print maternity dress, white sandals with silver buckles, a tan-coloured handbag, and a loose bun on top of my head

following lots of new and interesting blogs on Bloglovin’

noticing that, at 35 weeks pregnant, things are getting harder, my body aches when I get up, and I am really needing to slow down

thinking about how truly topsy-turvy our lives are about to become

bookmarking artwork and beautiful things to add to our walls

opening large crates of organic produce and juicing their contents

giggling at how Reed knows exactly when to turn on the charm, that little stinker!

feeling proud and markedly less-stressed after the launch of Issue #3 of Agave Magazine (which turned out to be a spectacular summer issue, despite being one of our most challenging ones yet!)

Cover v2i1 final


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