A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014…

Reed_pinata fury20140511-180111.jpgAlina_Mother'sDay2014


//Reed: the precise moment he learned that he needed to stop hitting the piñata and let someone else have a go at it. Very real emotions indeed.

//Finnlagh: waiting patiently outside the auditorium until it was his sister’s turn to perform in the Spring concert. He was very proud that he “looked sharp.”

//Alina: my first-born posing with one of the many handmade gifts she made me this Mother’s Day. Inside this envelope are beautiful hand-printed notecards, complete with cupcakes and MOM tattooed across them.

//Baby #4: taken at the start of Week 31 several days ago. I was sure to wear my colourful dress for our Cinco de Mayo festivities.20140511-213505.jpgHappy Mother’s Day! I awoke this morning to a toddler latched onto me nursing, my bedside table covered in handmade flowers and cards, and not-so-quiet sounds coming from the kitchen: “SHHH! You’ll wake her up!” The big kids came charging into my room, wished me their best greetings and hurried me outside to the surprise that awaited me on the patio. Chef Grant and the children had gotten up extra early and prepared a lovely and thoughtful breakfast of heirloom tomato salad (complete with edible flowers), smoked sausages, grilled bread cheese, avocado, Ojai pixie tangerines, chocolate croissants, and my very favourite chai tea. The table was adorned with baskets of miniature roses and a generous vase of sunflowers.

This is a very special post for me today, and for all the mommy bloggers who are participating in The 52 Project. For my family, these are the four little blessings we have in our lives brought front and centre— the high-spirited, extraordinary children that have made me a mother and forever given me a greater purpose in life. Although our fourth child is on the way, this is in fact my sixth pregnancy.  On Mother’s Day in particular, I also mourn the two babies that we lost due to unexplained miscarriages and hold them close in my heart. We have always wanted four children and feel now that our lives are brimming with a gentle whirlwind of joy and chaos —there is no greater happiness than today.

ps: This is the Tree of Life necklace from Birth Designs. “Where there is love there is life” is a quote from Mahatma Gandi and it could not be more appropriate. Whenever the older children ask how they came to be in my tummy and birthed, we always explain that they are the products of the love that Grant and I share for eachother (a good cover until we really have to explain the birds and the bees, although Alina is 7.5 years-old and pretty much onto the idea already). Grant had this necklace made for me for Mother’s Day in 2009 (when we still had just Alina and Finnlagh). Since then we’ve added Reed’s name. We had to get a different jeweler to add it, and while it doesn’t exactly match, the important thing is that he is included. If you glance at the upper right of the circle, you can see that there is space for one more name… a name which we have already picked out for the little man who will make his appearance come early July…





Joining in with Jodi of Practising Simplicity







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