Life in Bloom


Some snapshots from our garden on this rather unseasonably hot Friday… we’ve been having a bit of a heatwave here the past few days, and while we feel as though we ourselves are wilting, our flowers have felt just the opposite. So many vibrant hues of fuschia, tangerine, butter, magenta, lilac, winter white, and my personal favourite —the confident, lemony yellow of spectacular sunflowers— we have been truly spoiled this week by the richness and variety of this coastal landscape.



IMGP3962 IMGP3940 IMGP3934 IMGP3950 IMGP3948 IMGP3958 IMGP3937 IMGP3959 IMGP3939 IMGP3941 IMGP3942 IMGP3953 IMGP3943 IMGP3951 IMGP3945 IMGP3949 IMGP3952 IMGP3954 IMGP3957 IMGP3960 IMGP3964 IMGP3965 IMGP3966Camellia Cara Cara Meyer flower


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