Celebrate: 21 Months*

20140408-171329.jpg20140408-171544.jpg20140408-171604.jpg20140408-171619.jpg20140408-172142.jpg20140408-172200.jpg20140408-172206.jpg20140408-172212.jpg20140408-172223.jpg20140408-172235.jpg20140408-172245.jpg20140408-172305.jpg20140408-190001.jpg20140408-172345.jpgA sizzling day in southern California to celebrate 21 months of our little lad! We headed to Arroyo Burro (also known here in Santa Barbara as Hendry’s Beach) and took in some rays at lunchtime, skimming the surface of the waves with our toes, running through the sand, and enjoying frosty milkshakes. Arroyo Burro is barely a 5-minute drive from our house, and yet we always seem to neglect it in favour of other farther-flung destinations — a mistake we are not likely to repeat: it’s pretty much picture-perfect. A scenic drive after lunch, followed by a stop at our local farm (we got fresh organic strawberries, Bacon avocados, Ojai pixie tangerines and limes– prime season), baseball practice and a family swim in the pool before dusk… it seems that life with Reed is always reason enough to celebrate.





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