Young days

Alina_2nd grade conf
In truth, I remember remnants of what the second grade was like. I can attest to genuinely liking and respecting my teacher, who seemed to effortlessly pass on her enthusiasm for reading and discovery to the entire class. She wore, what I would consider even now, to be a very large round-cut diamond engagement ring next to her wedding band, and I can still see that ring, clinking against the oval-shaped formica table, facets gleaming as the fluorescent lights hit it from above. I used to get very distracted by that lovely ring, and sometimes I’d even think about getting married one day to my childhood sweetheart. Skinned knees and bruises were an everyday occurrence, and served as confirmation that we enjoyed our small freedoms, played hard and loved our friends.

Our eldest is nearing the conclusion of her second grade year, and yesterday, we had the opportunity to attend student-led conferences at her class. Alina showed us all around her classroom –the contents of her desk, the many, many art projects lining the walls, her science journal, books she likes to read when she has completed her classwork, bulletin boards tallying group points, the special math games she plays on Friday mornings, the 1000-piece puzzle she works on with a core group of others, and even the candid photographs of the other students in the class with whom she has forged very close friendships.

As the conferences were divided into small groups of parents and their second grade students, it was a calm setting that allowed each of the students to take charge and to really give us a behind-the-scenes look at how they enjoy and experience their daily life at school. Glancing around the room at the other parents, we were all very much the same: beaming with pride, a little bit misty, our chests heaving — all ready to burst with love.

‘About me’ text written by Alina (age 7.5 yrs):

Creative, intelligent, compassionate.
Lover of art, movies, animals, books, toys and nature.
Who is able to read very thick books.
Who feels happy at home.
Who wonders when the sun dies if there will be a supernova.
Who fears our galaxy will collide {with another}.
Who would like to speak every kind of communication.
Who dreams of being a professional artist and librarian.

Gentle spirit, enormous dreams, inquisitive mind…that’s our not-so-little girl down to a tee. Bless her heart.



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