A List (of sorts)

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The inspiration for today’s post comes from Jodi of Practising Simplicity.

I am…

making some Earl Grey tea and a plate of blackberries, almonds and aged cheddar to snack on with Grant while we watch late-night tv.

cooking lots of proteins. I have insulin resistance/gestational diabetes again, so we are focusing a lot on a low carb, high protein diet. It’s more delicious than it sounds, minus buttery French baguettes.

drinking fizzy water (so much fizzy water!) The tap water in SoCal is downright nasty, and so water is a ‘bought’ item in our household.

reading Lori Moore’s Bark. I’ll just go ahead and say she is the greatest American short story writer of our time.

wanting Grant to be home with us more. He had a day off yesterday and made us the most delicious dinner of NY strip steak (cooked over pecan wood), corn, grilled asparagus, salad, and some ridiculously delicious sauce for which only he knows the ingredients…

looking at my clean and tidy living room that I worked on for 2 hours today, and feeling proud of my achievements, yet skeptical about how long it will last.

playing old records Grant recently bought me at a vintage shop. Scratchy tunes make me feel suspended in air and time.

wasting time doing internet shopping (or is that somehow more efficient? Not quite sure.)

sewing (sowing) the seeds for what I’m going to handmake for the new baby. I’ve gutted our craft closet and reduced it to projects I think we have a 75% probability of completing.

wishing for a bigger physical space. 850 square feet for 5 (soon-to-be 6) people is madness. That’s life in Santa Barbara!

enjoying spending most of my day outdoors. The outside space and the perfect temperatures make all the difference. Tiny cottage aside, it was the deciding factor of why we took this house in the first place.

waiting for my broken tooth to get repaired. I think the nerve is exposed and it’s making me batty.

liking getting up early in the mornings. I am not a morning person by nature, but I like the quiet stillness when the first light of the sun beams through our shutters.

wondering what the new baby will look like. We got some 3D photos of him at our last ultrasound, and we think he resembles Finnlagh…

loving all the funny things my children do and say. Alina: told me that when she grows up she’ll let us live next-door to her. She asked me all of my favourite foods so that she could remember them when she invites us over for dinner. Finnlagh: hates our cat with a passion. He told me today that the cat is “a vicious, evil zombie who can’t jump through hoops because cats aren’t awesome like dogs are.” Reed: decided he needs to potty train and has been carrying around his potty and changing the orientation of sitting on it all day long. Tonight he put on sunglasses when we’d turned out the lights and shrieked and streaked his way all over the house, naked tushie and all.

hoping that the tree I want to buy at the local nursery is still available. It’s a flowering tree covered in purple blossoms — it looks as though it is covered in orchids — and I think it’s the most beautiful tree I have ever seen.

marvelling at Alina’s abilities in mathematics. I give her all sorts of equations on the 7-minute car ride to school, and her mental calculations are astounding.

needing to buy new perfume. I have completely and totally run out, and don’t feel like myself.

smelling bergamot from my tea and the strong floral scent wafting in through the windows… could it be night jasmine? The air hangs with gorgeous, pungent floral scents in the evenings, it’s really quite spectacular.

wearing my favourite maternity dress, sandals and a new DVF backpack.

following my body’s rhythm regarding my sleep cycles.

noticing that my belly has grown a great deal in the past week alone, and that the children have had significant growth spurts and need new everything.

knowing that even though it feels like we have a ton to organise each and every day, that we’ll get there. Eventually. We always do.

thinking about all of the submissions I have to review for Agave, and trying not to feel overwhelmed.

bookmarking ideas for next year when Grant and I renew our vows for our 10th wedding anniversary.

opening lots of chocolate pudding snack packs for hungry little mouths.

giggling at how Alina’s loose tooth came flying out of her mouth this evening, just in time to leave out for the Tooth Fairy. Ah, comedic timing. Our girl will be $5 richer tomorrow morning!

feeling like a part of our week is missing now that there are no new episodes of Downton Abbey to watch.



One thought on “A List (of sorts)

  1. Hello Ariana, Grant, Alina, Finnlagh, Reed and ?? Good morning: It’s very cheering to get those delightful messages from you each week. I love them, together with the pictures. Life is slow up here, temperature going up and way down. Jane left here last Saturday afternoon to drive home. Found lots of snow by the tunnel and almost a foot of the white stuff at home. I’m playing music this morning: two hours of Haydn, Mozart and maybe Schubert. I’m down to one session per week now, alternating string quartets with piano trios. Even two hours might be too much these days.. I’m back on a low-carb diet, too, as I managed to gain almost fifteen pounds the past year. Makes it hard to get out of a chair! I wrote a blog (muchadoaboutmusic.net) about my book, but find it more useful to vent my spleen, you know, about Putin, Syria, Harper, globsl climate change, and the extreme right wing in the Excited States of America. Putin, by the way, divorced his wife and now has a girlfriend named Alina Kabaeva, who is “so flexible she can lean backward and dribble a soccer (sic) ball with her head”. I’ve been reading the New Yorker lately. I find their weekly fiction stinks. That’s it for now. There’s a pound of stewing beef waiting in my fridge. A good stew will smell wonderful in the apartment when I get back from music at noon. Love from Gerry, Grandfather and G Grandfather

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