19 months **

Reed_19mos.4Reed Anders at 19 months is a high-energy, talkative, dichotomy of a boy — on the one hand, the most cooperative little guy you’ve ever met, and at others, so willful and masterful at yielding his newfound toddler independence, you just stand aside and let him do his thing. For ages, we have marvelled at Reed’s cooperation: sticking out his mini hands and toes to have his nails clipped, lying down patiently and stretching out his legs whenever he needs a change, stepping into his pant legs one at a time and helping to pull them up, eating whatever it is that you put in front of him, sharing anything and everything he is given… Then there is the strong, eagerly precocious guy who refuses strollers, high chairs, and constraints on his freedom of any kind, all the while running at top speed and shrieking and shoving aside your hands with a firm “no.”

Through it all he is bright-eyed, kind and loving (perhaps the most affectionate of all of our children), and around our neighbourhood, known as the boy with the easiest smile around. An inquisitive old soul, Reed has to be shown only once before he appropriates your knowledge or skills for his own. “That’s mine. I did that. BRAVO!” (applause applause applause)

Such is the lucky fortune of the third-born, who looks up intently and locks eyes with you, pulling you into his conversation, parroting what all the other ‘big kids’ on the block seem to do.

Those toddler days seem so far away with Alina and Finnlagh, and yet we are so glad to be discovering them anew with Reed, rolling with the moments (oftentimes cheerfully compliant, sometimes obstinately) as best we can. Come July, we will have the arrival of #4, and we’ll start the process all over again…

Rough-and-tumble Reed: we adore you.



Reed_19mosReed_19mos.1 Reed_19mos.2 Reed_19mos.3 Reed_19mos.5 Reed_19mos.6 Reed_19mos.7 Reed_19mos.8 Reed_19mos.10 Reed_19mos.11 Reed_19mos.14 Reed_19mos.15 Reed_19mos.16Reed_19mos.9

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