17 months…

Reed_17mosReed Anders at 17 months – oh, what a guy! This is the melt-your-heart age, what seems like the perfect mélange of baby and toddler rolled into one that gets you thinking: this child couldn’t be more precious if he tried. Language is more abundant now so that expressing things like “Mama’s car” and “more Peppa” (Peppa Pig, that is…) and “keys please” gives him a great sense of satisfaction and pride. He has become self-sufficient at many things, and has a clear understanding of what our routines are around the house. Every time I pull out the broom to sweep the floors (which, let’s face it, happens several times a day), Reed runs to the kitchen and hauls the dustpan out from under the sink, drops it at my feet and declares, “This, this! Here! Yes, Mama!”

Christmas this year was an absolute delight for our family, as it always is with children in particular…the fact that there were presents from Santa, and presents for Reed specifically that he is now old enough to compute were for him…well, this seemed like a brand new and revelatory discovery with every box placed in front of him. He received many music-oriented presents and it is always so wonderful to put on a song, hand him an instrument and watch as he hits all the beats and bounces to the rhythm as he goes. Reed is experimenting a lot with humming tunes of his own creation, and his latest composition entitled “iPad, Pad Pad, Go Go Go!” … Let’s just say it’s one for the history books, haha.

I will say, the snuggles and the kisses have been extraordinary moments with our little Reed. I can’t wait to open my eyes every morning because when I do, I know that there is the sweetest little boo who all of the sudden stops nursing, pops up and screams “Mama…MWAHHH!” He gives kisses and kisses, and once he is done with that, he moves on to squeezing, tight tiger hugs and pats on the back, after which he sighs and just drops down onto my chest. Goodness, what a special kid.

Here’s to toddler tap dancing, bright hazel eyes, hugely genuine smiles, laughing out loud and all the other moments in between that have made nearly 1.5 years with Reed pure and utter joy.



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