Giving Thanks – Part 1

Canadian TGHAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of our dear friends and family celebrating in Canada! Stateside, we’re trading roast turkey, all the fixings, and formal family dinners for pan-seared mahi mahi, wheatgrass smoothies and impromptu room service. It is also Columbus Day here, thus opening up the annual debate once again as to whether or not Christopher Columbus was a hero or a villain: “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…”

Today, we are grateful for our dear loved ones, and for the fact that our recent re-location from the American to the Pacific Southwest has been a relatively smooth and enjoyable transition for all of us. Even better? The news today that we have secured a permanent abode- a little California cottage in a great neighbourhood close to everything our growing family could ever ask for.

With  much gratitude on this Thanksgiving day,




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