15 months*

Reed_15mos.1                                              // Picking pumpkins at Lane Farms, Santa Barbara

Oh, this boy! Already a 15 month-old and such a big lad, we can hardly stand it! Not-so-teeny Reed is one go-getter, dashing about with the big kids at the park for hours on end, and running however far his legs will carry him. He alternates between fierce independence (refusing to hold hands when he knows he ought to), and being a giant, affectionate snuggle of a koala bear who cannot be set down for even an instant. Such innocence in the tender moments he shares with each of us every day: frequent nursing and ‘chats’, early morning snuggles with his siblings, cozying up in the papoose on brisk evening walks…this is the marvelous beauty of youthful exuberance.


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