14 months…

Reed+Loic_09.18.13// Reed Anders at 14 months

Oh how you’re changing, young lad! The other morning Reed came bounding into the living room, and we all just turned to one another and exclaimed at how much he’s grown. Just like that, the baby fat decided to melt away, and in its place — a communicative, forever-laughing, crazy squealing toddler. Last week, Reed was calling “Mama, Mama…” and the next thing I knew he said: “I love you.” His first sentence, clear as day. Needless to say, my heart pooled into a puddle on the floor, and I swept him up in my arms and covered him with kisses. What is so intriguing to us is that he refuses to believe that he has any limitations as a wee little one. If he sees his siblings doing something, well naturally he can too, and the next thing you know he’s jumping on the couch and laughing the heartiest belly laugh you’ve ever heard. Reed is teaching us everyday that life is best lived running at a hurtling speed…and giving it your toothiest grin.













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