13 months…

Reed_13mos// Reed Anders at 13 months – August 8, 2013

Such a lot of light and laughter in this house, with a few healthy spoonfuls of mischief mixed in. Thirteen month-old Reed is a wizened, old soul who watches everyone and everything around him with great intensity. He has something to say nearly all of the time, and it has been wonderful fun to have ‘chats’ with him while nursing or even watching tv. He stares up with those big hazel eyes, grabs your hair, and then yammers “Mama, Mama, Mama…”  on and on, followed by a string of other words he has now committed to memory. He is loving and sweet, and always wants to be included in whatever activity is happening in the house. Most of the time, he is happy to be a bystander while Alina and Finnlagh dress up and play super heroes; at others, he likes to show us just what a climbing, hurdling, chaotic life he leads. Toddlerhood is certainly off to a running start…










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