Love you to pieces…

Reed_3Jul2013.3Just some bits and pieces from our week as we prepare for Reed’s 1st birthday on the 8th. Grant and I are spending bleary eyed nights feverishly laying out the magazine, plus, I’m also crafting a few prezzies for our little meow. In fact, I’ve well and truly fallen in love with the birthday party hat I needle felted for Reed (along with his N&N crab jingle ball – he is a Cancer, afterall!). Normally, we do birthday crowns (as in the Waldorf tradition), but I am thinking that I might change it up for all the kids this year – and add this as a new item in the shop! The party hat will be for Reed’s photoshoot on Friday – goodness only knows how we’re going to get it to stay on his head for longer than 5 seconds …perhaps an elastic band and a prayer! We are planning on shooting outdoors so it’s all a matter of light and heat factors coinciding at this point. As for his cake, we’ve got Grant’s colleague Chef Javier and his pastry team preparing something…we gave them this picture as a jumping off point. Do you remember what they made for Alina last year? We cannot wait to see how it turns out!

1st bday NF party hat







Bday toys



1st Bday WIP

5 days til 1st bday

Kids books galore






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