Triple digits


Piano music is just starting to filter through our doorways, and the city is hanging heavy, surrounded in dark violet twilight as the mercury hovers at a steady 102F. The past couple of days have been rather historic here in the United States, and paying careful attention to the politics on the news and through social media has been both awe-inspiring and exhausting. Last night, Texas Senator Wendy Davis (D) filibustered her way to democratic celebrity as she spent nearly 13 hours non-stop, in order to oppose one of the most contentious abortion bills that Texas, if not the US, has ever seen. Just blocks from our home here in Austin, cheers of jubilation erupted from the gallery at the Capitol building as hundreds of protestors joined in with a mighty ruckus, standing in solidarity with the Texas Senator. Time had expired and the bill was dead in the water.

Then came today’s landmark decision from the SCOTUS: the Defense of Marriage Act struck down as unconstitutional. Within minutes, media and internet seemed to ignite, and the words that kept resounding over and over: love and support for one another as citizens of this world.

As we hid inside from the heat this afternoon, I watched closely as the children played, negotiated, strategised and collaborated. They hummed tunes from their favourite television shows and there was one in particular that caught my ear. It says, “You can be, who you want to be…follow me and be, anyone you wanna be…” So much of our job as parents is governing, to help fashion (in a way) our children into moral and ethical critical thinkers and free spirits. While you do not have to be a devotee of Robert Frost to acknowledge that life is about choices, and how the path you choose can make “all the difference,” we do need to remember that it’s not just the path itself but the protection of one’s right to even choose one that matters. As catchy and commercial as that tune is, I do really want my children to believe that those words are true, and deep down, to know that they are. Alina likes to ask what she should be when she grows up, and do you know what she says? “Mama. It’s so hard to choose. There are so many possibilities, I just can’t decide.” You don’t have to decide today, Alina. In fact, you have every day of an entire lifetime to make that choice.

{Last but not least, wishing my father many happy and healthy returns of the day! Happy Birthday, Daddy. You sure raised some strong-willed daughters, and I know you wouldn’t have had it any other way. We love you!}















4 thoughts on “Triple digits

  1. Ariana, I love you, your writing, your children. You rock, girl! I wish you and yours all the best, always. Love, Sandy’s mom. 🙂

  2. E have a heat wave. It’s going up to 80 F today. YOu have a wonderful family. Thanks for the lovely pictures again. Gerry, G and GG

    On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 8:52 PM, Niko & Nonnie

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