First steps

I’m posting from my phone tonight. My wonderful baby boy is asleep. I’ve just nursed him down and he is lying here, as he so often does, his body across my lap and a soft little hand over my heart. I cannot bear to put him down and so I sit here, staring at him in great awe, kissing him ever so gently so as not to wake him.

Baby Reed took his first steps today! Incredible. I feel the need to be precise here because more than just writing into the blogosphere, so much of this blog has become about documenting our lives together as a family, as well as recording the goings on in the Niko & Nonnie shop. 6.55pm on Friday, May 3rd. Two independent steps. 9 months & 25 days old. Reed pushed his wooden cart (the one you often see him pictured with) up to the coffee table, parked it, let go, looked me straight in the eye and walked towards me. He managed two steps and nearly a wobbly third until he dropped down onto his bum. He truly was grinning from ear to ear (as the old and very appropriate saying goes!) Precocious, extraordinary, lovely little guy – oh we have so many more moments to look forward to with you!

Wishing all our readers a gorgeous end to the week. We’ve got a busy week-end planned with Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo and Greek Easter all rolled into one.






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