Two for the afternoon


Just me and our teeniest guy this afternoon, taking in the sunshine and eating madeleines. There was a moment today when he looked directly into my eyes, and I could see how close he is to becoming a proper toddler. I got choked up (as I do so often) and held him a little tighter in my arms.

It’s funny how we laugh about Reed clinging to me like a baby koala, but the truth is that I cling to him just as much. I take in every giggle and splash in the bathtub, the scent of his baby hair and skin… the distinctions between the babbling language which has started to emerge and a burgeoning sense of independence. I know that one day he’ll be older like Alina and Finnlagh (and might not enjoy his mama sniffing his hair!) but I also know a secret: that the baby smell never quite goes away, and all those moments of him we take in now just multiply as he grows up.

Thousands and thousands of kisses for you, my sweet boy. Thank-you for spending a lovely afternoon, just you and me. I adore so very much being your mama.

Wishing a happy week-end to all! See you back here on Tuesday.









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