9 months in, 9 months out

Reed_newhouse.4July 8th hardly seems like that long ago, and yet here we are: nine months later. It’s difficult to grasp that our littlest koala is now an emphatic not-so-teeny person who insists on trying everything you are eating (and helping himself to second and third portions). Reed watches Alina and Finnlagh with wide-eyed admiration, often cruising, crawling and stomping his way into the action. In the past month there has been his very first tooth, Easter celebration and a move into his second abode. You’ll have to get used to that last one, little Reed – we certainly do move around a great deal.

We are already in the stages of thinking about his first birthday, so I have started pinning a few inspirations here and there. I must admit, I hope it will be the longest three more months to get there…please slow down, sweet lad!













2 thoughts on “9 months in, 9 months out

  1. So so sweet! I’m sad he’s approaching a year old and I haven’t been able to hug him! Please give an extra squeeze for me!

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