Neighbourhood spaces & update

I wanted to begin this post by letting you know that I have put the shop on holiday until we are fully moved into our new place (which means that yes, we have finally found a new apartment!) Niko & Nonnie is currently in vacation mode, but you can receive an email letting you know as soon as I’ve re-opened, just by clicking the link above. I really do apologise for any inconvenience, but my hands are so full these next few weeks, I just didn’t think I could manage. All current orders placed through either Etsy or myself directly will ship out this week. I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things.

We’ve gotten a bit fed up with the packing to be honest. It interferes with the rhythm of our homeschooling, has to be done while Reed is napping (coinciding of course with my one-on-one free playtime with Alina and Finnlagh), and is just generally boring and exhausting. But we’ll get through it. We’ve done it so many times our boxes are packed like perfectly intricate puzzles – it’s a bit over the top!

This afternoon, as the sun streamed through our windows and the gorgeous day beckoned, the children and I threw in the packing tape and the scissors, grabbed keys, a couple of diapers, wallet and were out like lightning. We took our time admiring all the wildflowers in bloom, picked up some coffee and treats, and took turns snapping shots with my iPhone. Here’s what we turned up.













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