Wednesday’s Child

I was never a big fan of Wednesdays until we welcomed our darling Finnlagh into the world on a calm, Wednesday morning in October 2008. Whitest snow was falling softly outside and Radio Classique music was narrating the scene through crackly radio waves. It was all quite reminiscent of something James Joyce would have written.
We have all been sick for nearly a month now and it seems that our wonderful middle child is soldiering on. He’s managed to dodge whatever flu we keep exchanging in our household, bless his little heart.


There are many posts in store on the blog, from photo shoots to travel logs to shop updates. While I have officially declared February our ‘Can’t Catch a Break’ month, I’m hoping March will hold better times ahead. We’re also moving out of our apartment (the landlords want to sell it as a condo) so we’ve also been madly packing…and packing. While we haven’t found a new place yet, we do have some prospects. One thing at a time!

Hoping this finds all of you healthy and well!



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