Wednesday’s Child

I was never a big fan of Wednesdays until we welcomed our darling Finnlagh into the world on a calm, Wednesday morning in October 2008. Whitest snow was falling softly outside and Radio Classique music was narrating the scene through crackly radio waves. It was all quite reminiscent of something James Joyce would have written.
We have all been sick for nearly a month now and it seems that our wonderful middle child is soldiering on. He’s managed to dodge whatever flu we keep exchanging in our household, bless his little heart.


There are many posts in store on the blog, from photo shoots to travel logs to shop updates. While I have officially declared February our ‘Can’t Catch a Break’ month, I’m hoping March will hold better times ahead. We’re also moving out of our apartment (the landlords want to sell it as a condo) so we’ve also been madly packing…and packing. While we haven’t found a new place yet, we do have some prospects. One thing at a time!

Hoping this finds all of you healthy and well!





Love stickers







Heart cookies


Love is in the air



N&N_bus cards







We’re more than a bit sentimental, and even though we love one another desperately, no time like the present to say those three little words. For the children, perhaps nothing compares to presents and sweet baked treats (baked by Alina & Finnlagh this year – not bad!), heart garlands and secret admirers. There was poetry and love sonnets for me (unsurprisingly), new business cards (hooray!) and a homecooked meal and a beer waiting for my love after a long day and night’s work.

ps: If you’re feeling in the mood for love, be sure to check out my ode to l’amour on Pinterest…



Littlest Lad


Our littlest lad turns 7 months tomorrow. The lament of ‘where does the time go’ and yet, where does it go, really? Seven months. I just want to remember every bit of these fuzzy haired duckling moments, the fledgling ones as he branches out for independence.

Today Reed took a little fall for the first time and I felt devastated. There he was cruising along the bed (I’d let go for once, trying to give him a bit more confidence) and all of a sudden, down he went. I immediately took him in my arms and cuddled him…his howling was very, very shortlived and then he blinked out a couple of tears and was back up wanting to give it another whirl.

I find myself constantly needing to step outside of myself. Alina and Finnlagh are old enough to read on their own and play video games, and my head swivels in a zillion directions all day long… making meals, folding clothes, writing lesson plans, teaching homeschool, paying the bills… I am always just trying to be that someone that they need, even when they might not need me at all. In these moments I am reminded that our littlest someone, the little lad who clings to me like a koala and nurses around the clock, needs me to be an imperfect mama -the mama who will let him shine on his own even when it scares her to let go of his hands.


Roadtrip – West Texas & desert


View of desert from Marathon, TX

We have returned from what ended up being a spectacular drive across West Texas. While driving west with three children in tow is not for the faint of heart, we took it at our own pace, and made sure we afforded plenty of stops along the way to take it all in. There is so very much to share with you, and I am just beginning to piece all of the photographs together. Our journey began in Austin and took us all the way along the Mexican border and through the Chihuahuan desert to Marfa, with stops in Fredericksburg, Sonora, Ozona, Sanderson, Marathon, Alpine and San Antonio.

In the coming days I will be posting about Marathon and Marfa in particular, and Chef Grant will be guest blogging about the Caverns of Sonora. I’ve been itching to get him to do a guest post for a while now, and he has happily agreed. He might even share some recipes while he’s at it!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson