Six months hence


Our ever delightful littlest boy celebrated his half-birthday on January 8th. He’s a roly-poly, extremely chatty, teething kind-of-guy, who can now sit up unassisted for short periods of time. We are addicted to all the kisses and hugs he’s been giving us the past month or so (and all those squeals of ‘Mama’ too): we simply cannot get enough. Reed has mastered the art of the baby karate-chop with his arms, batting and grasping just about whatever his little fingers can grab a hold of. Somehow he manages to never skip a beat; if there is a sound, a flash of light, a change of any kind whatsoever – Reed knows! He is very comfortable in the arms of all those who love him, and he has begun to whimper whenever any of us are out of his sight for even a moment, sweet lad…He’s eating up big boy foods now – sweetie potatoes, peas, carrots, pears and oatmeal. If you want to see a truly sour expression, feed him apples!

We’re preserving these precious moments as best we can, taking photos in between spurts of homeschooling, cooking, visiting, crafting and afternoon naps. I jot down milestones and memories on scraps of paper, with the careful reminder that this all must be organised one day soon…










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