Ode to 2012

Courtesy of Paperless Post

Courtesy of Paperless Post

Out with the old and in with the new…but not before we’ve bid a proper farewell to 2012.

For us, 2012 was a year of new beginnings. We settled into our new home here in Austin, discovered favourite hangouts, eateries, festivals and getaway spots. There was always a path unturned, a new set of seasons and treasures to explore. We wore sandals for nearly 11 months of the year, danced in the interminable sunshine, and soaked up the dusty, desert air. If 2012 were an adjective, it was ‘shiny’…

We watched in amazement as my belly grew and grew…and grew, until finally, out bounced a healthy, beautiful baby boy on a bright, blistering July morning. Our family of four expanded to five, and together we found a new rhythm of life. Life became more strenuous, at times quite complicated, but always rewarding and perfect in every way. My heart brims and overflows with incredible love – sometimes it is so full I feel as though it will burst.

As we ring in 2013, let us be kind to ourselves and to each and every one we encounter. Seek out what is good in all that you do, and the rest will fall by the wayside. Breathe deeply. Be confident. Open your heart fully. Here’s to our health and happiness in 2013 and beyond…



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