Monday’s Moment

A single moment captured in a photograph. Candid and fleeting, this will always be a special snapshot in time…

We spent a very gentle Sunday morning, listening to music and taking candids of the children. Gorgeous light filtered in through our windows signalling a day bathed in song, togetherness and family. I see so much of their personalities in each of these photographs: inquisitive Reed, wide-eyed wonder Alina, and soulful Finnlagh.  Sometimes my heart is so full I feel as if it could burst …

In Niko & Nonnie news, if you are planning on ordering from the shop in time for Christmas (Dec. 25th), the deadline for all orders is December 1st. Custom orders are closed until after the holidays – my hands are quite full at the moment filling orders and handmaking Christmas presents! Please visit N&N on Etsy to order or send me a convo. In addition you can always send an email to or visit Niko & Nonnie on the web at

Getting ready for a sunny walk in the beautiful summer weather outside here today, followed by decking our own halls this evening.

Happy holidays await!


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