Week-end of Festivals, Part 2

For Michelmas this year, we thought that it would be fun to have the children slay a dragon of some sort. Unable to find our ordinary neighbourhood dragon perched and ready for a challenge, we decided to get a bit creative – and literal. As such, we searched online and managed to find a dragon pinata. From its flared nostrils to its empty belly, this dragon was definitely hungry for a fight (and ready to be filled with candy). Indeed, we had a feeling it would be a big hit with Alina and Finnlagh. No pun intended, of course!

We opted out of filling its belly with candy, and instead filled it with small toys: glow-in-the-dark stars, spidery wall climbers that clang when they fall to the floor, kaleidoscopes, stickers, temporary tatoos and figurines of favourite animals.  The children thought their winnings were brilliant and I don’t think that anyone missed the candy in the end, although goodness, it still is as difficult as ever to burst open a pinata!

One of the most rewarding moments of our celebration came in the form of a drawing presented to us by Alina.  She draws day and night; she uses art not only to express mood, emotions and frustrations, but most of all to tell stories and to make gifts for others. There is just something about artistic expression that really appeals to her, and is such a vital component of who she is as a little girl.

As a special surprise, I took her drawing and sent it to Spoonflower, an online purveyor of custom-made fabric.  I am awaiting the sample swatch, but if it turns out well, I will get her design printed on a yard of fabric or so, and make something out of it for her for Christmas. Maybe one day we’ll even see her designs in the Niko & Nonnie shop!

I am also happy to report that Finnlagh, despite his tumultuous relationship with dragons, was able to save the day. He channeled his inner St. Michael and gave that dragon what for!

We are all looking forward to celebrating Martinmas, a festival which takes place annually on November 11th. This will be our first time celebrating Martinmas together as a family and I’m excited to see how it turns out. As always, I’ll post our festivities and share our day with all of you.



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