Autumn in ATX

We are into mid-October here in Austin, watching Radiohead perform on Austin City Limits from the comfort of our bedroom.  They did a live performance and taping back in March during SXSW, and my husband Grant was lucky enough to catch the latter portion of the concert on his way home from work. Hey, that sounds like Radiohead?! Indeed it was. He sat himself down on a park bench in front of ACL and just took in the moment. It’s not every evening that Radiohead comes to town, or that Willy Nelson retweets you on Twitter. But for my husband, such magical musical moments have sought him out since we arrived. It’s virtually undeniable.

There are many such moments here in the Live Music Capital of the World. You can be casually walking by some hole in the wall and just be absolutely blown away by the brilliance of the performers inside. While March is SXSW territory, October belongs to ACL. The Austin City Limits Festival at Zilker Park is legendary and this year is no exception in terms of performances. For more on who’s playing ACL, visit

Autumn in Austin looks and feels more like summer in other parts of the world. For us it has meant slightly more comfortable temperatures; while still warm and sunny, we have gotten the occasional bit of rain which has helped keep the beautiful flora thriving. We have been sure to take full advantage. Daily walks to pick up an iced drink or snack, meandering through the city streets always finding somewhere new… discovering this city’s unbridled enthusiasm when it is Game Day for the Longhorns…

It doesn’t matter how you cut it: every which way you look and turn, Austin, Texas is too cool for school. It’s not just a matter of being the hipster capital of the free world (which it totally is without question), or the fact that the food is so amazing, we have yet to have a bad meal.  I won’t even get into its thriving economy, the best in Texas and most likely, one of the most prosperous in the whole United States. No, it’s more to do with the vibrancy, the pleasant residents you meet just in passing or chat with at the grocery store…most people are actually THAT lovely. I have never had more conversations with total strangers, had more doors opened and seats given to me for my children or to accommodate our stroller. Our days are occupied by pleasant, happy-go-lucky people and without incident.

Just a little bit of what Autumn had in store for us the past couple of weeks…

Til next time,

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