Friday Favourites – October 5, 2012

Man oh man! What a week it’s been!

I’m currently blogging from my phone, immobilized by my littlest guy who loves to nurse. I can see my computer from where I’m sitting… just…can’t…get…there.

Without a doubt, whether you are American or not, it is a very exciting time to be living in the USA. October, apart from being arguably the best month of the year in general, also is host to the World Series and, every four years, the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates, with elections to be held in November. From Wall Street to Sesame Street, our eyes and ears have certainly taken in a deluge of information this week. We learned how many times you can interrupt a moderator, s t r e t c h  the truth (or tell lies outright), and how, despite the bitter and unwarranted attack launched against President Obama regarding unemployment, the news plastered in the headlines of the New York Times this morning: unemployment has dropped below 8%, the lowest it has been since 2009. Now that is certainly cause for celebration.

Are there loads of things I’d want to include in my #FF post this week? Absolutely. But I think I can afford to leave those pictures and stories til next week. Today I’m suggesting we take an interest in and follow our respective governments. Keep abreast of the facts. Realise that socio-economics and foreign policy can actually be readily understood, assessed and analysed by the average person; it is not the political mumbo-jumbo many worry it’s all chalked up to be. Leave the cynicism at home. Get involved. Raise your voice. VOTE. 


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