Nurturing – Head, Heart & Hands: Part 1

We are in the full swing of homeschool around here, having started our curriculum just after Labour Day.  This month we have been focusing on ‘Discovering Me’ and all of the components that make us unique and special as human beings, from emotions to skills, even to talents we never knew we had.

I will be documenting our lessons in greater detail. We will be celebrating Michelmas a wee bit early (the 26th instead of the 29th this year) and are looking forward to this festival. Do you celebrate Michelmas where you live? Our son Finnlagh really does not like dragons at all, so either he will rejoice in the story of St. Michael’s Day, or be terrified of it. Let’s hope it is the former and not the latter!

All of the children are fast asleep (all 3 of them at the same time, including the cat) so time to pour myself a chai and enjoy a film with my dear husband, Grant.

A star for you to wish on,
The sun for warmth and light,
The moon for you to think on,
Sweet dreams,
A hug and kiss goodnight.


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