Labour a little longer…

Happy September! This month marks the close of summer and the onset of all things harvest golden-colored and spiced. Were we still living back up North we’d be observing the first intimations of autumn: a slight variation of hue in the sky, tiny pigment changes in the leaves, a briskness in the air at the day’s close…

September is also a month of special family birthdays. Alina will be turning six in precisely one week. September 8, 2006 – probably the most pivotal day in our lives. We are the parents of a six year-old! Astonishing. Even more astonishing is that now she has two younger brothers to nurture; she’d most likely argue that they’ve been the greatest gifts of her young life.

I’m scrambling to get everything perfect. Tonight I’ll be making her a wish jar – one wish per day that she selects from the jar will be granted. I think she’ll be fairly excited! I also have to finish sewing her a skirt and getting all the decorations organised. Luckily we have enlisted the help of one of Grant’s work colleague (the Executive Pastry Chef, to be precise!) and that has certainly taken a great weight off my shoulders. As always, we incorporate Waldorf traditions in our birthday celebrations. There’s the birthday ring, handmade crowns to make, the birthday poem, the Rainbow bridge story about birth… I’ll be documenting all of these here in the coming days.

In the meantime, it was also my less-than-brilliant idea to rip apart our storage room and make it into a bedroom for Finnlagh. Why I didn’t have this stroke of genius before baby Reed was born in July is a mystery to me. All I know is that it is way harder to multitask when you are homeschooling two kids and nursing a ravenous infant. Life lessons. Far too many and varied to count. 



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