** And baby makes…5 **

We had another baby, my friends! We are so enamoured with our little Reed… He is the spitting image of his big sister with the mannerisms and expressions of his big brother all rolled into one. Even though my labour turned out to be more than slightly dramatic, Reed arrived into the world healthy, screaming and naked on a Sunday morning, six days before his due date. Our hearts were pounding out of our chests, tears streaming down our faces…we were absolutely overwhelmed with joy to finally hold our sweet baby boy.

Truthfully, it has been an eventful 12 days… We have been surrounded by love and support from our family, Alina and Finnlagh are adjusting beautifully to their new roles as protectors of their baby brother, and Reed has already been on several adventures around Austin. From proper BBQ to miniature trains to botanical gardens, our Texan baby seems to love the heat and sunshine already… along with the multitude of kisses and cuddles he receives all day long. 

Welcome to our world, Reed Anders! Extraordinary things await you…

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