In Focus: Mama-to-be, Part 2

Welcome to our second installment of In Focus: Mama-to-be! In today’s post, we are featuring Sandra, from North Carolina, USA. Sandra and her husband are expecting their second child this autumn.

Tender moments between mama and toddler

N&N: Congratulations on your pregnancy! How many weeks along are you?
Sandra: Thank-you! I’m just over 22 weeks now (I flip on Saturdays), due October 13, 2012.

N&N: Have you experienced any morning sickness with this pregnancy?
Sandra: Oh, yes. It started at 5.5 weeks this pregnancy and finally dissipated a little after 19 weeks. I still feel somewhat nauseous in the mornings, but I am no longer throwing up or a slave to Zofran just to function.  Thank goodness! My toddler would follow me into the bathroom and lovingly pat me on the back as I threw up, making for an uncomfortable and yet very-loved experience.

N&N: What are your cravings or aversions (if any)?
Sandra: At the beginning, I wanted fruit –especially pineapple– as well as veggies with ranch dip. It has been different from my first pregnancy when all I wanted was sweets, cookies, and carbs. Now I’m just hungry all the time and enjoying eating a lot! The only real aversion I can put my finger on is cooking raw chicken. Oh, and I crave half-sour pickles, which are impossible to find where I live outside of Raleigh in North Carolina.  On our recent trip to New York to visit family, I ate many, many pickles, in true pregnant woman fashion.

N&N: Have you found your current pregnancy different from your first? Are you feeling better or worse?
Sandra: Everything has been much worse this pregnancy. From the morning sickness to the random cramps to the crunching pelvic pain, I find myself amazed that anyone finds being pregnant to be enjoyable.  That said, I feel more comfortable this pregnancy simply because I’ve had an easy labour and delivery and a healthy baby before, and that makes me hopeful and optimistic that all will continue to go well.

N&N: What are the challenges of being a Stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) to an exuberant toddler while pregnant?

Sandra: The biggest challenge is not giving in to her constant pleas for “tee-vee” (my 17 month-old is a Blue’s Clues addict). I still try to get out with her and run around as much as before.  I’ve had to rely on my husband to wake up with her sometimes to give me an extra hour of sleep because the bathroom breaks make my overnight less than refreshing, but he has been a team player for the most part. I love how my daughter presses on my belly button and says “bee bee” even though I know she doesn’t really understand what it means.  Today we went to storytime at the library and some of the other mothers helped me corral my rambunctious happy girl and keep her in the room; Megan likes to walk up to everyone sitting on the floor, look right in their faces, and say, “Hi!” — I’m lucky she’s so friendly and that everyone is so helpful. 
N&N: What are your go-to items for getting dressed in the morning?
Sandra: A comfortable bra!!! I also love my Old Navy maternity pants I had from last pregnancy. And on hot days, a sun dress is an easy option.
N&N: Have you altered your beauty routine during this pregnancy?
Sandra: I haven’t had much of a beauty routine since my daughter was born almost a year and half ago, so not much else has changed.  I do miss getting my eyebrows threaded, but that’s a function of not being able to take my toddler along and not having to do with the pregnancy.
N&N: Will you be finding out gender?

Sandra: At 12 weeks, we asked if there was a chance to know, and the sono tech scanned down and found a penis! We were so surprised! It was confirmed at our 20-week ultrasound.  We are having a boy, a baby brother for our little girl!

N&N: What, in your opinion, are staples for any woman building her maternity wardrobe?

Sandra: As previously mentioned: comfortable bras! A few pairs of great pants that don’t ride or roll down (I love the ones from Old Navy that I had from my first pregnancy) and stretchy shirts that make you feel comfortable in your own body.

N&N: What kind of clothing, gear or accessories are absolute necessities for baby?

Sandra: Aden + Anais products are my go-to favourites. I love their swaddler blankets, and especially their burby bibs (great, absorbent burp cloths that double as bibs), and recently discovered they also make crib sheets now!
(*N&N Editor’s note: Yes, we are totally coveting those new muslin crib sheets as well!)
N&N: What items did you find unnecessary or end up not using?
Sandra: While I loved the swaddle blankets, we did not use them for swaddling past Day 4. So specific products meant to swaddle (i.e. the Miracle blanket) and sleep sacks were unnecessary for us.  Silly as it seems, we never used any sort of gum/mouth cleaner before our daughter got teeth, and instead went straight to the toothbrush.  I also didn’t use many different lotions and body washes I’d received. My daughter has extremely sensitive skin so we exclusively use Cetaphil products on her for bathing.

N&N: What have been your favourite moments about being pregnant? Not-so-favourite?
Sandra: Feeling the baby move is always wonderful. We have also enjoyed the sonogram appointments and catching glimpses of the little man growing inside (last appointment, he stuck his tongue out at us)! The exhaustion and sickness have been difficult, but I keep my eye on the prize!

N&N: How have you prepared for baby’s arrival? (Setting up nursery, buying baby gear, etc.)
Sandra: I’ve slowly been purchasing clothing for our little man (as well as recently sent a huge box of my daughter’s clothes to a friend who just gave birth). We haven’t bought much else, but I started a registry online to keep my ideas in order of what we will need for the new baby. For now it’s all about giving my daughter all the attention I can while she’s an only child, as well as helping her to learn to play independently while I’m in the room doing something else so she learns to enjoy entertaining herself.  It’s a very exciting time for all of us!

N&N: Many thanks to Sandra! Wishing you a healthy and safe delivery and a lifetime of happiness with your new baby boy! 

If you are a pregnant mama and are interested in being featured in an installment of In Focus: Mama-to-be, kindly send an email to

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