In Focus: Mama-to-be, Part 1

Welcome to our first installment of In Focus: Mama-to-be! In today’s post we are featuring Deb, from Berlin, Germany.  Deb and her husband are expecting their first child this May.

N&N: Congratulations on your pregnancy! How many weeks along are you now?
Deb: Thank-you very much! I am currently in Week 36.

N&N: Have you experienced any morning sickness with this pregnancy?
Deb: Sadly, yes, throughout my first trimester and into my second.  And morning sickness is a misnomer — it can linger around all day and night.

N&N: What are your cravings or aversions (if any)?
Deb: Aside from an irrepressible need for Snickers bars, I had some strange cravings in the first trimester and for awhile was weirdly susceptible to desperately wanting anything I saw — if someone was drinking a Pepsi, I was amazed to realise that the only thing I could imagine consuming was a Pepsi, which I needed immediately… until I saw something else.  Sadly, I also had strong aversions to anything that my husband suggested he make, even though I otherwise love his cooking.  He was pretty amused when I proudly announced one day that I’d discovered the key to what I could eat: anything flat.  So for a while there were a lot of squashed grilled cheese sandwiches and celeriac root schnitzels.  I was also very grateful for salt and vinegar potato chips, and, in my second trimester, big juicy oranges.

N&N: How would you describe your pregnancy style?
Deb: Laid back.

N&N: What are your go-to items for getting dressed in the morning?
Deb: Long tank tops and mini skirts to make up for tops that get progressively shorter as time goes on!

N&N: Have you altered your beauty routine during this pregnancy?
Deb: Not really, although my routine was pretty basic to begin with.  Since I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep for the last eight months, I sometimes reach for mascara to create the illusion that my eyes are open…

N&N: What, in your opinion, are staples for any woman building her maternity wardrobe?
Deb: Belts to cover up the fact that you can’t do up the top button of your pants.  Long layers.  Leggings.  Your partner’s jeans.  Comfortable bras.  And friends who lend you a piece or two from the maternity wardrobe they no longer need.

N&N: What is the best piece of advice you have received to date? 
Deb: The best piece of advice I ever received was years before I was even thinking of getting pregnant, but I remember it still: a friend with a wonderful wife and spectacular daughter once told me that there was never a wrong time to have a baby with someone you love.

N&N: What is the worst advice you have received to date?
Deb: “Get lots of sleep while you can!”  I’d love to, but my body apparently has other plans.

N&N: What have been your favourite moments about being pregnant? Not-so-favourite?
Deb: So far, I’ve had a few favourite moments: feeling her first kick, which landed on my husband, who was resting his head on my belly at the time; hearing her heartbeat for the first time; chatting to her while riding my bike (but only when no one was around!) and listening to my husband chat to her; realising my appetite had returned; and experiencing the excitement of my entire extended family.  Worst moments were definitely the combination of sleeplessness and morning sickness and a couple of nights spent worrying through a few odd pains (which thankfully turned out to be just that: odd pains).

N&N: How have you prepared for baby’s arrival? (Setting up nursery, buying baby gear, etc.)
Deb: Our first step was moving to a bigger apartment.  We’ve been incredibly lucky: our friends, colleagues, and even our new neighbours have offered us the things they no longer need, from a baby bed to a stroller to clothing.  Now that I’m on maternity leave I’m looking forward to collecting all the clothes and baby accessories that are left!  But beyond the material things, my husband and I continue to make a point of spending time with each other despite all the frantic preparations.  And my Mum will be flying in to help us out for a couple of weeks when the baby comes!

N&N: What advice would you give to other parents expecting their first child? 
Deb: Trust yourself.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the incredible amount of information and advice that’s available, but remember: chances are your parents didn’t know about half the things you do now, and you turned out pretty fabulous, right?  Pick one or two go-to websites and/or books and try to fight the instinct to Google, which will always ultimately lead you to an unlikely worst-case scenario.  Listen to people you feel comfortable with, like your doctor, your midwife, and friends and family who’ve had kids and seem to know what they’re doing.  Most importantly, listen to your own body.  You might not be able to do all the same things as before;  if that’s the case, don’t fight it — find alternatives instead.  If you don’t feel great, lie down.  If you do feel great, enjoy it!

N&N: Many thanks to Deb! Wishing you a healthy and safe delivery and a lifetime of happiness with your new baby girl! 

If you are a pregnant mama and are interested in being featured in an installment of In Focus: Mama-to-be, kindly send an email to

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