Ordinary Haze

A new guest of honour at the school table every morning

Some days are ordinary, just plain ordinary days where routine and the daily grind buffet you along in a rather unremarkable way. Sometimes it can feel as though these circumstances render you unproductive, and your exhaustion overtakes your ability to see what it is you are actually accomplishing. At times, homeschooling can feel this way – the steady determination required for a dedicated curriculum can weigh you down, can force you to doubt your abilities or make you feel as though there is always more to be done.

By chance, you remember to check your camera.  You drop your folders onto your desktop and begin to browse through the photographs you took during a string of humdrum days. The images surprise you. They make you laugh, they warm your heart…but most of all, they fill you with a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for these gorgeous little souls. You call yourself lucky to be their mother, protector – and teacher.  Thank-you A+F, for illuminating the world in striking, unpredictable ways each and every day of my never-ordinary life.
How it begins each morning:
A typical lesson plan

“Notes” left for the teacher …cats, kids and cups of cocoa


Homemade buttermilk biscuits, kneaded by little fingers
Memory sentence: “My pet giraffe ate my Cheerios this morning.”

Happy faces in ordinary spaces…

After lunch, let’s take a break to visit our kitty cat…
Make sure he’s got a blanket…
And tuck in your pet monster…
Now we’re ready to study dinosaurs! 
Teacher’s notes: Les Dinosaures
Dinosaur rhymes

Wooden dinosaurs courtesy of Beccijo & The Enchanted Cupboard

Strewn books and papers covering our dining table each and every day…
But we always clear the table, and start anew. Afterall, there’s dinner to be made!
We’ll be seeing you…

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