Blog with a dynamic view **

Needle felted fruits + veggies, fresh from the N&N farm!

Regular readers of this blog will probably notice right off the bat that the format for Niko & Nonnie’s blog has changed in a pretty dramatic way! I am currently trying out some new templates which may allow for better interaction with blog posts, pictures and content – and avoid scrolling!  As you can see in the menu bar above, there are seven (7) different “dynamic” ways to view. Please feel free to click between them and see the results!

At this point, I am not entirely convinced by some aspects of the dynamic view; functionality and web links have been lost and customisation is virtually non-existant.  Concurrently, I quite like the clean aspect as well as the fact that social media has been integrated into every post. It will be interesting to hear what all of you think! What are your reactions to the changes? Should I revert to Niko & Nonnie’s former blog look?

Secondly, and perhaps even more important than the aesthetic changes: Niko & Nonnie’s blog address has changed. If you look up in your navigation bar, you will see that the address is now The old website ( is no longer.  I am actually quite pleased about the change – it definitely makes things more consistent! Be sure to update your bookmarks and address books with our new address… we wouldn’t want to lose any of our very dear (and far-flung) readership!

While I am up writing, I also wanted to share some exciting news. If you live in the Vancouver area, you will (in the very near future!) be able to purchase N&N’s needle felted fruit and vegetable baskets at a wonderful, eco-friendly retail shop called Little Earth. I feel lucky enough to have Little Earth as a lovely, local shop in my neighbourhood – I know of many people that drive from all over Vancouver just to shop there, so we’re pleased about being displayed on their shelves this season 🙂

In addition, there have been many more new items for sale in the shop! Shop online at Niko & Nonnie or drop by our Etsy shop. With Canadian Thanksgiving only days away and Halloween imminent, our needle felted pumpkins have been a very popular item! There are several options available, from jingle toy pumpkins, to pairs and groups of pumpkins – and remember that all needle felted items are fully customisable and handmade to order.

Group of needle felted pumpkins – available now!

I had given you all a sneak peak of some WIP items in an earlier blog post.  This pillow cushion was one such example, and is available for sale!

Features handsewn wool felt accents + organic lambs’ wool

The star of the pillow is Ellie the Elephant and she is made from cut and handsewn charcoal wool felt, with a magenta wool felt heart accent and heart button. Her eyes were needle felted as a finishing touch – and met with my daughter’s approval, thank goodness! The organic lambs’ wool I used for this particular pillow is called polworth. It’s difficult to describe how lovely it feels to cuddle up with a pillow stuffed with pure wool…absolutely divine!

Looks like it’s time for me to find a pillow of my own! The fairies are arriving to sprinkle dust in my eyes and lull me to sleep…

Thanks for reading! Til next time… ❤


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