Fall 2011 Collection

Hello all!

Have you visited Niko & Nonnie’s website recently? I have just added a preview from the Fall 2011 Collection. While I am still working on many new pieces, I thought I’d slowly list new designs and inventory over the course of the next month.


Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find…

Needle felted HARVEST FAIRY 

Isn’t she just gorgeous? I really enjoyed making her. She is needle felted from 100% wool and even has multi-hued highlighted hair, the result of some very special hand-dyed merino! I imagine her on a nature table or on display, perched above a child’s bed…She would even make a delightful companion for a little dreamer.

LOVESTRUCK felt+wood beaded necklace

These necklaces are a new addition and I absolutely adore them. The wool balls are wet felted and they are accented by natural wooden beads, all strung on cotton embroidery floss. The simplicity of the design, coupled with my own supply of very colourful roving, means that I can reproduce and customise them easily. I am in the midst of making many more of these in all sorts of colours of the spectrum, and will be listing them as they become available.

**Contest Giveaway**


As many of you are already aware, the contest giveaway winner is to be announced on August 31st!

If you are already a fan of Niko & Nonnie on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/NikoandNonnie) and have clicked “LIKE” with your personal account, OR follow @NikoNonnie on Twitter, you will automatically receive 1 entry in the drawing. If you have entered the contest via the instructions on our website  (http://www.nikoandnonnie.com/contest.html) that will earn you 1 entry. If you “Like” us AND “Follow” us AND complete the contest question on the website, you will earn 3 entries. Why not triple your chances?

So far there has been a tremendous response – it seems this needle felted birthday cupcake is a popular item! It is also available on our website and in the Etsy shop to buy, if you are so inclined.

For any and all questions, custom items, etc. you can always email me at info@nikoandnonnie.com

Good luck to all!

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