Finders keepers…

I have got a feeling that today’s blog post will be a bit longer than usual. I feel as though it has been some time since my last one.  I suppose I could just check the date of the previous entry, but I am lazy to open up a new tab and check, so I suppose you will meander with me! Ok, you go ahead and peek now! I bet it has been a little while…

This week was punctuated by several random moments for which I am grateful. On Monday I stumbled upon a wonderful fabric store that unfortunately has since closed its doors for good. It was the first and last time I shopped there, so I needed to quickly decide and pick before it was all gone. This shop’s total liquidation of inventory meant that I was able to buy very fancy fabric from Spain, France and the like – for only a fraction of the price. We’re talking $157 per yard, for much, MUCH less. I stocked up on upholstery grade cotton-linens in gorgeous shades like terracotta, vivid bold prints and luminescent blacks and silvers. I bought some other bits and bobs there and I’m already excited to turn them into…something!

While shopping, I shared some truly beautiful moments with my daughter.  Her energy and spirit brought me back to my childhood with my own mother (herself a knitter, seamstress and crafter from a long line of creative, empowered women). The excitement over creating something from raw materials with your own two hands begs the question: do you crave opportunities to collaborate with others or do you prefer to do it all alone?

At present, there should also be a parcel on its way to my house where I will be anxiously awaiting some new Japanese kokka fabrics. I have added a picture of a current WIP utilising some adorable kokka fabric I bought a while back – absolutely perfect for a little boy’s room! I am making one for my own boy and of course, I will have this pillow available for purchase in the N&N shop as well.

Japanese kokka fabric pillow/ organic lambs’ wool stuffing

I am also in the midst of working on the Fall 2011 collection of Niko & Nonnie. I will be giving you a sneaky peek at a new item I hope babies and toddlers everywhere will adore! I must divulge that I might have to make an extra one for my husband who said it might very well be his new favourite item. This autumn collection will slowly be trickling into the shop during the month of August; I will also be offering a shop sale on selected items in both the website boutique and Etsy shop.  All of the items I have listed in my Etsy shop ship *FREE* to any destination – worldwide!

If you have visited the websites lately, you most likely will have seen the Circus Jingle Ball, the first in a collection of soft wooly and jingly items for babies and toddlers.

*New* CIRCUS JINGLE BALL needle felted toy

What I love most about this item is that it is very generously sized and firmly felted – it is a great toy for little dreamers who are working on their gross motor skills. Catching and throwing a ball is an integral part of childhood, and in this way, every toss and throw can be accompanied by a reassuring jingle!

Now for a related item and a mini-preview for autumn…


Jingle bell rattle – just perfect for little hands!

As I close this blog post, I wanted to share several photographs of some other new items that will be up in the shop quite soon. I spent an amazing afternoon with my children today and we took 200 or so photographs – that is one heck of a lot to sort through! My daughter graciously modeled many of the new bracelets while my son became absolutely filthy playing in the dirt.  After we finished the shoot, I plunked them in a well-deserved bath and plugged in my camera.  Here are some highlights:

Simple joys. Here’s hoping and wishing that all of you are having an unforgettable summer.

Natural, healthy toys for baby & toddler

ps: I’ve had a very positive response to the new website and contest giveaway. If you still haven’t entered our contest, you have til the end of August to do so. For details, please visit:

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