Catching a smile…

I am more than slightly in love with needle felting. While I’m at it, let’s add fabric, beads, red balloons, cheese, tea, Valencia oranges, purple, scarves, and trying to find the “golden key” in Caramilk bars.  Perhaps I should have listed all those things in my profile! I could go on forever. The world is a mighty splendid place, full of temptations too many and varied to count.

Speaking of catching a smile, have you entered Niko & Nonnie’s latest contest giveaway? This adorable needle felted BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE is the prize! For contest details, please visit N&N online at and click on the pic to win! The cupcake is available in the shop as well and is a customisable item, so if you’d prefer pink icing, or magenta sprinkles only, it can be done! 🙂

BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE – enter to win!

The past few days have been filled hopping around the city to source new materials for the shop. I visited one of my favourite places to buy wool and purchased several different types to test out for various purposes. Love, life and laughter…how about loftiness, lanolin and lamb-i-ness..?

This afternoon the children and I picked up more beads, cardstock and a few other bits and bobs. For my part, I exhibited self-control and managed a not-outrageous bill, and I felt particularly proud! We returned home and sat on the back porch crafting until it was nearly dusk. There are many projects to finish and so it seems as though it was time well-spent.

Results of some new wool (available online now!):

*New* Deluxe Cookie Sampler

Linzer torte with lemon cream filling
Chocolate-marble rainbow chip

Wouldn’t this make a fabulous addition to a play kitchen or an afternoon tea party? Perhaps a gift for a special little dreamer?

Set of (4) needle felted 100% pure wool cookies:

(1) Chocolate-marble rainbow chip
(1) Lemon-iced shortbread heart
(1) Linzer torte filled with lemon cream
(1) Lavender-iced shortbread star

Last, but not least…I’ve added just a smattering of my products…

Etes-vous francophone? Magasinez-vous depuis l’Europe? N’hésitez pas à nous découvrir en France! Vous trouverez votre bonheur…



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