Growing older, one day at a time…

I cut off my son’s hair the other night.

All those gorgeous ringlets and cherubic blond curls: gone. I could hardly stand it. My eyes welled up with so many tears, it was as if my hand was controlled by another me, a stronger and more evolved me, someone who had already come to terms with the notion of growing up.

As all of you will concur, once you start cutting hair, there is no turning back. My son straddled the line between cooperative and squirmy while my daughter and husband cheered, “Summer haircut for little man!” We laughed and made the obvious references to Samson and Delilah and I sniffled my way through, pausing every so often to save a lock or two for posterity. When I had finally finished his haircut (and realised that I needed to stop obsessing about the layering and the shaping, etc.), we were left with a 33-month-old “cool kid” with wavy, strawberry-blond hair. He marched over to the mirror in the bathroom and did his “Knock, Knock, who’s there?” joke he always repeats about himself and pulled at his hair, all the while smiling and giggling.

Our children teach us in inexplicable ways. Their spirited sensibilities reach out to us and grab us – head, heart and soul. Time marches too slowly when you are young, and too quickly when you are … a parent.

In all things Niko & Nonnie, did you happen to catch our featured items on the Etsy showcase? Here is a brief sampling of how it turned out:

Dinos Roar pillow

Before I sign off for the evening, in the spirit of summer merrymaking, I thought it might be fun to try a blog hop. Niko & Nonnie just joined this particular one and is #52 on the list…


3 thoughts on “Growing older, one day at a time…

  1. This made me teary-eyed. I still remember my oldest child's first haircut. He had beautiful brown ringlets. I cried as they fell slowly to the floor, floating back and forth as they descended to the ground. He's 16 years old now and recently learned how to shave his *mustache*! I cried when he came downstairs showing off his smooth upper lip. I have no idea where the time has gone. I just know that it's going too fast. Enjoy your little ones…

  2. Way too fast! We really must hold all these moments close to us and document as much as possible. The day my son grows a mustache is the day I will undoubtedly collapse on the floor!

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