**And we’re on in 5…4…3…**

I am delighted to report that as of early this morning, Niko & Nonnie’s website is now live!


We are quite content with the look and feel of the website and have been working hard to develop a site that is easy to navigate. We hope it will continue to reflect the ongoing development of the shop in the days and years to come!  A few new items have been added in the SHOP section of the new website as well, so go and have a look when you’ve got a moment! Items can be purchased directly through the N&N website (which should come as good news to wholesalers and independent retailers!) or on the Etsy site as before.

Don’t forget – tomorrow, July 8th, is the day for N&N’s Etsy showcase! I will be adding more items to my Etsy shop later this afternoon, in anticipation of Friday’s event. Which 10 items have I favourited for the event? Tune in all day tomorrow to find out! The items will be on a rotation, so please be sure to click on the “See More” tab at the top of the Etsy screen just in case.


As always, a grateful thank-you 🙂

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