Behind the scenes…

Photographing items for the shop brings me a great deal of joy: an old hobby renewed with purpose, the chance to focus and reflect on lighting, aesthetics, styling… oh, if only that were how things unfolded in real time!
For the most part, the still images you see in the shop listings or posted up on social media, well, let’s just say that they are not always snapped in the most tranquil of environments. There are numerous challenges involved, from my children (literally) ricocheting off the walls in energetic bursts, to dreary gray days devoid of good natural light (cheers, Vancouver!) to a certain tuxedo cat whose mischief, we maintain, is unparalleled. We also own a pair of celestial parrotlets and between their teenaged avian antics and the cat, it’s a regular 3-ringed circus around here!  
Creating a vignette:

Despite the many interruptions, I managed to get a handful of lovely images that were perfect for the shop. Here are some recent additions:
*New* Needle felted SUMMER FAIRY
*New* RAINBOW BARREL BEAD wraparound bracelet

*New* A sampler from Niko & Nonnie’s LAMINATE ACRYLIC collection

More items will be added to the shop this week-end and in the coming days, in anticipation of our Etsy showcase on July 8th.  Plus, 20% off all items in the shop (including custom orders). Use coupon code: HAPPY4th (see blog entry below for more details!)
I hope you are all enjoying a break away from the chaos and stress – no matter how infectious!
Stella & Orion, our adorable feathered wonders

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