Sly fox and biscuits will see us through!

It’s turning into a bit of a lacklustre Sunday. The sun has moved behind the clouds, the winds have picked up, and my eyes are feeling heavy. As I type at my desk, the smells of summer evenings are gently wafting in through an open window and my house is starting to smell more and more like barbecued salmon.  We have just eaten a sleep-inducing early dinner of freshly baked biscuits, ham and various cheeses. The fact that Loïc, our tuxedo cat, is currently purring and lying across my arms as I type is only lulling me even closer towards sleep. Tomorrow is a long-awaited day off and it honestly cannot come soon enough!

I received another shipment of Japanese kokka fabric from my supplier and I thought I’d share some photos with you. The fabric is a cotton-linen blend and the prints are so adorable, I simply couldn’t resist placing an order.

An array of colourful vehicles
Little Red Riding Hood is off to see Grandmother

My supplier also included a very unique aphorism to accompany my order:

I hope you are cultivating your own personal style and tastes wherever you are…

Till next time,


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