Needle Felting & Contest Giveaway!

Our stay-cation ended yesterday and I must admit, I am feeling a bit deflated today. My husband is back at work, cooking up a storm and hosting a wine dinner this evening, and the children and I are trying to find our daily routines again.  While we are certainly not a household of routines (and probably never will be), there are particular things like preschool, cooking and afternoon tea parties that give shape to our days together.  The children and I have spent much of today sailing the high seas in a laundry basket, watering the garden, watching Pocoyo and reading stories. We made quesadillas for lunch, waffles with hazelnut spread and pumpkin spice tea for our snack and by the time I finish typing this I’ll be back in the kitchen preparing our dinner.  I have no inspiration for what that might be but I’m hoping to open the refrigerator and find some lovely protein defrosting in the meat drawer. It really is the little things that keep one’s day running smoothly!

Cookies from N&N at our afternoon tea party

During our time off, my husband and I were semi-productive in attacking our list of things to do. As far as the ruthless organising of our storage that I mentioned in my previous post…we gave it a good go, and did a fairly decent job, but ultimately got very distracted by bbq’ing, enjoying the city and HOCKEY. If you haven’t heard all the yelling coming from our house or seen our Canucks flag flying proudly through the streets of Vancouver – the Canucks will be in the Stanley Cup Final. They have never won, and frankly, they really ought to take it all this year. The hockey finals also mark a special time because my husband and I met during the championship some 7 years ago now, and we are really looking forward to celebrating our anniversary in just a few days.

In Niko & Nonnie news, I will be adding needle felted items to the shop this week.  The shop will feature needle felted play food, jewelry and figures. If you are not familiar with needle felting, it is a technique whereby you sculpt 3-D forms out of raw carded wool using a very sharp barbed needle.  Each needle felted piece is jabbed thousands and thousands of times in order to create a finished product.

Here are some examples of our creations from the past week:

And now… details for the **NIKO & NONNIE GIVEAWAY***

*****One lucky winner will receive a needle felted teddybear along with 2 needle felted cookies*****
(See pics below for the teddybear, currently very much a WIP!)

Here’s how to enter:

Send an email to
Be sure to include your name and mailing address

Deadline for the giveaway is June 8th!

A needle felted teddy is born – still very much a WIP!

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